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Our Piedmont Plumbing Service Installs New ToiletsIf your toilets and fixtures are not functioning properly, they can waste water and cost you money. Keeping them new and working properly is essential. If you have high water bills, it may be because of a leak in either your faucets, pipes, or toilets. These are the areas were undetected leaks occur and waste water.

Replace old toilets made before 1994 with high efficiency toilets. Old toilets have a gallon per flush rate of 3.5 gpf. New models have a 1.6 gpf rate saving you 2.2 gallons a flush. In one day, a family of four could save about 24 gallons of water. In one year, that will add up to 8,000 gallons of water. Install efficiency faucets and/or faucet aerators that use a maximum of 1.5 gallons per minute. A faucet leaking 60 drops per minute, will waste 192 gallons of water per month. Replace old shower heads with a flow rate greater than 2.5 gallons per minute with newer efficient models. To determine your shower's flow rate , you will need a 1 gallon bucket and a timer. Run water from your shower into the bucket for 24 seconds. If it takes less than 24 seconds for the bucket to fill, you have a flow rate of 2.5 or higher. Replace the old shower head for a more efficient model that uses a maximum of 20 gallons per minute.

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Our Piedmont Plumbers Are Comprehensive Repair TechsWhen selecting a plumber to replace your old plumbing fixtures, choose several possible plumbers or plumbing services in Piedmont so you can compare their qualifications and rates. Ask the plumbers or plumbing services for references from past customers, ask them if they are licensed in your county or state, and ask them about the quality and brands of products they use.

When you and the plumber or plumbing service meet, be specific about the services you want provided. Question them about what you should expect during and after the services. Also,ask them if they provide emergency services if you should have a problem. The plumber or plumbing service should also provide you with a written quote for the cost for the plumbing work to be performed.

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Our Piedmont Plumbing Staff Is Your Source For Plumbing AnswersIf you are unsure about the type of toilet and fixture options available to you, ask the plumber for recommendations. Plumbers, because they work with the fixtures, may have more information than the manufacturer's brochure. For a toilet, some plumbers recommend the Ultramax by Toto. It has a 1.6gpf Gmax flushing system. Selecting ULFT or HET toilet will use less water and save money.

A Ultra Low Flush Toilet, or ULFTs, has a 1.28 to 1.6 gpf flush size. A High Efficiency Toilet, or HET toilet, has a 1.28 gpf flush size. Two efficiency shower heads our Piedmont plumbers recommend are the Delta TI7230-CO and the Pegasus 1100.

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